Carlo Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “The important thing was to start with a victory”

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NEWS | 25/08/2014 | Javier García

“We controlled the match well and didn’t give away chances”, said the manager in the press room.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke about the league opener in which the Whites beat Córdoba 2-0: “We need to play quicker and up the tempo of the game. The important thing was to start with a victory, we struggled, but everything worked out fine. The team is balanced. We controlled the match well and we didn’t give away chances.

“We did not play at a high tempo, but we had the possession and the team is balanced. It is normal that we dropped the tempo a bit. I made changes to liven the team up. It was not tactical, it was to up the tempo”.

“He did very well. When he scores everyone is happier, but I always appreciate his hard work even if he doesn’t score. He is not fully fit, like the rest, but the worrying thing would be if he was fully fit at this point in the season”.

“He is the same as the rest. We have worked hard on aerobic fitness. Now we need to add strength, tempo and pace. This week we’ll work on that aspect”.


“Pepe and Ramos are stalwarts. Of course not everything can go well. Anyone who plays can make mistakes, but I think it is the best partnership in the world, without a doubt”.

James’ position
“All three strikers can’t play every match. We tried to play James a little bit deeper and he’s doing well. He has the quality to do it well and help the team. The idea is to put out a quality midfield. With balance and quality come titles. Alonso had played two consecutive matches and didn’t play so that he could rest”.

“We struggled with tiredness. We’ve played every three days and it is a point of the season that is not easy. But we didn’t struggle much, the match was under control. I didn’t hear any whistling. When we struggled the fans helped us”.

Small squad?
“No, we have one player fewer but we have players who can play in different places on the pitch. There are midfielders who can play further forward. We are fine with this squad”.