1. Contact the Real Madrid Supporters Club Department by post or fax (91 3984336), mentioning that you intend to establish a supporters club. The requirements are:
    • A minimum of fifty people to form a Supporters Club.
    • When the Supporters Club is from a province, at least 50 of the members must be Madridista card holders.
    • If the Supporters Club is based in Madrid, it must have 50 Club members.
    • It must have a headquarters to hold meetings, and its exact location should be indicated.
    • The intended name of the Supporters Club should be indicated: A name that is already in use by another Supporters Club is not allowed, or that of a player of the Club, be they active or a veteran.
  2. Once received, the Supporters Club Department will send you a letter with the instructions to follow to establish the Supporters Club, as well as a template of the Articles of Association.
  3. If you have any questions about the process, you can contact the Department and we will be happy to help. Tel. +34 913 984 323