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  1. You should write an email to the Supporters’ Club Department ( or stating your intention to form a new Supporters’ Club and your location. The requirements are:
    • A minimum of 50 people of legal age in order to establish the club.
    • When the club is formed outside of the Community of Madrid, there must be at least 50 individuals who hold a valid madridista card.
    • When the club is formed within the Community of Madrid, there must be at least 50 Club members or, where appropriate, 25 Real Madrid Club Members and 25 madridista card holders.
    • When the club is formed abroad, it must have 50 people of legal age, at least 25 of whom are madridista card holders.
    • All members of the Supporters’ Club must obtain a supporters’ club card issued by Real Madrid C.F.
    • You must have a headquarters where the club can meet.
    • Design a logo/badge to identify the club.
    • You must state the name of the Supporters’ Club. People’s names are not permitted, nor are names already in use by other Supporters’ Clubs, player names, whether active or former Real Madrid players.
  2. Once the email has been received, the Supporters’ Club Department will respond with all the instructions you need to follow in order to get set up, and will provide a guide for the Certificate of Incorporation and the Statutes.
  3. For any doubts or clarifications during the process, you may contact the Supporters’ Club Department. (+34 91 3984326 / +34 618670368)