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Nº 68Nº 68
Summary Post:Fundación Magazine Nº 68
04 Report. Sports & Values Academy

08 National. Safe Sports & Values Event

12 UEFA Foundation for Children

14 International. Charity marathon

18 Coaching. Coaches from Africa, America, Asia, Europe

24 Interview. Javier Pérez Fortea

26 Clinics

28 Heartwarming news
36 Heritage

The Real Madrid Foundation drives the Club and all its component's commitment to social projects. That is the reason why all the Foundation's various activities are recognised in the quarterly Journal. Through the Journal's articles, reports and interviews, you can find out about all the Foundation's various projects around the world, the opinion of its beneficiaries as well as of the different institutions that collaborate with the development of these initiatives, and the projects organised to help young people and more disadvantaged groups in society.