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GSK and the Real Madrid Foundation renew collaboration deal

NEWS STORY. 03/03/2023

The alliance looks to deliver inclusive sports scholarships and joint campaigns to promote good health. 

The executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sánchez, and assistant Director General, Iker Casillas, have welcomed the president of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in Spain, Portugal and Israel, Cristina Henríquez de Luna, and the company's European vice-president Guillermo de Juan, to Real Madrid City to renew the collaboration agreement between GSK and the Foundation.

Since the start of 2018, the sponsorship deal has covered a range of awareness-raising activities promoting health lifestyle habits from childhood. Thanks to the collaboration, the pharmaceutical company finances scholarships which help young people suffering from neuromuscular and respiratory issues linked to with their disability to enjoy sporting practice at the inclusive social sports school run in collaboration with the Fundación Ana Carolina Díez-Mahou.

Cristina Henríquez de Luna began her speech with a tribute to Amancio: "We have always considered him a friend of our company". She went on to say, "This agreement shows that together we are stronger and can go further in promoting health and well-being, breaking down barriers and achieving greater goals". Casillas added: “You have seen on your visits to the projects that they are a genuine opportunity for these children, not only to enjoy sport adapted to their needs, but to serve as motivation, making their lives that little bit less difficult".
Furthermore, this season will see joint campaigns about prevention and immunisation in the form of vaccines for the elderly, in order to ensure a healthy old age. There will be a range of activities including a 'message match' at Real Madrid City in collaboration with the Real Madrid Veterans Associations, as well as a visit to the laboratory.