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Iker Casillas visitó a los participantes del clinic de la Fundación en Turquía

Casillas visited the participants of the Foundation's clinic in Turkey

NEWS STORY. 28/07/2022

This summer over 500 children will benefit from this experience organised together with Be Free Football, Spanish Way and Regnum Hotels.

Iker Casillas, assistant general manager of the Real Madrid Foundation, flew to the Turkish city of Antalya, where the Regnum Carya Hotel is running football coaching clinics for the fifth consecutive year in collaboration with Be Free Football and Spanish Way. During the months of June and September, over 500 boys and girls will benefit from this unique experience based on football training and core values.
Over 40 children welcomed Casillas warmly, and he explained to them what these programmes are all about: "The combination of family holidays in an idyllic location with the opportunity to participate in educational sport at the Real Madrid Foundation clinics is a unique opportunity. It transforms the free time on holiday into an educational experience that the children will thoroughly enjoy".
Set-up of the clinics
The Foundation's high performance and technical development clinics, geared towards boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16 who have already started playing football, are conducted in sessions lasting an hour and a half. They are supported by the Real Madrid Sports Department and feature complementary training in the positive values of sport, in the same way as all the activities run by the Foundation in the educational sphere.