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Real Madrid - Valencia

Vini Jr.: “It was a great game by the team"

NEWS STORY. 08/01/2022

"Our goal is to win the league and to do so we try and win every game”, added Alaba.

Vini Jr. was one of the stand-out performers in Real Madrid’s win against Valencia, as the forward bagged a brace. After the match, the Brazilian said: “It was a great game from the start. We have to continue in the same way. Today we played really well and we have to keep going so we can win big things this season. I'm really pleased to be back so I can score goals, I hadn't scored in four games”.
“The goal was a bit improvised. It's the combination with Karim that we always do and we always try to improve so we can score a lot of goals for Madrid this season. The whole team has worked hard, and if Toni, Luka and Case always play like that, we’ll always win. Today they played great and we won again”.
On his fine form
“I have to keep working hard and improving to achieve great things this season and for many years to come at Madrid. I’ll always give my all to help the team. It's a tremendous joy to be experiencing this at Madrid. It's a dream for me to play at the Bernabéu with the people shouting my name and I want to be able to experience this for a long time to be like the club legends who are playing with me and who help me stay at the top of my game. I’ve trained every day to make it today and the confidence that everyone is giving me is so important to me”.

“On the pitch, I felt like it was a penalty but I haven’t seen a replay. The referee is there to make decisions and he gave one to us and one to them. It’s to be expected we might have a bad game or play poorly but we have to be strong because that’s the beauty of football and every three days we get the chance to put it right. We did that today and we remain top of LaLiga”.
Alaba: “We’re where we deserve to be”
“We wanted to win this game and take the three points, especially after this week. We feel very confident after this. We’re where we deserve to be and where we have to be. Our goal is to win the league and to do so we try and win every game”.
Benzema and Vini Jr.
“They’re both hugely important for us. Not just today but over the last few months these two players have shown themselves to be big players for us. They’ve demonstrated how professional they are, how they live for the game and I’ve seen how hard they work day in day out, in particular how Vini Jr. has come on. You can see all of it reflected on the pitch. We know we always have to work as a team and we try to help Vini Jr., but above all we try and play as a unit”.