Río Breogán - Real Madrid

Laso: “It was difficult to dig in physically, but everyone worked hard”

NEWS STORY. 17/10/2021

"Rudy is an icon and continues to be a very important and key player", said the coach.

Pablo Laso gave his thoughts on Real Madrid's win over Río Breogán in round six of the league seasons: "We have to applaud the team for the win. It was our fifth game in 10 days, we knew it would be a tough game physically and mentally. We knew that there would be two big moments when they were right up for it: at the start and probably at the end if they were still in the game. They showed what they were capable of. They played with a lot of energy at the start and it was difficult for us to stop them. We brought on fresh players and read the game better. We were solid defensively and that allowed us to build a lead that was decisive in the end".
"The team has worked really hard over the last 10 days, travelling and playing difficult matches. Coming in to the fifth match here in Lugo, we knew it's was going to be difficult. People are pressing hard, the team is in good shape, they're playing well and we brought in players to freshness things up and they were getting into the game. Only three players played more than 20 minutes. It was going to be difficult to cope physically, but everyone work really hard to try get something from a difficult game".

"Breogán deserve a lot of credit for the season they're having. They got to within two points and we had to be right at it in the end to get the win because we knew they were capable of coming back. They had a very solid defence and the instructions were that we had to keep shooting. We made 35 three-pointers and 25 two-pointers in the end. We read the defence well because they closed down a lot and we had a lot of free shots".
"Abalde and Rudy's work on Musa was very good, which meant that Taylor didn't play, not because of his work load. We thought he could be good to stop Bell-Haynes, but in general Llull grew in to it in defence, and we didn't needed him. We didn't plan to leave him out".
600 games for Rudy
"He's an iconic for us. He's had a lot of physical problems in his career but he's a very important and key player. We're delighted he plays for us and we're trying not to over use him. He showed what Rudy is all about today. He gave the team defensive character, he won the ball back, his three-point shooting was good and he continues to be a very important player".