Iker Casillas participa en el Torneo Une T “Por mejores Mexicanos” de la Fundación Bafar

Iker Casillas takes part in the Bafar Foundation's Torneo Une T 'Por mejores mexicanos'

NEWS | 09/10/2021

The deputy director general of the Real Madrid Foundation made the trip to Chihuahua to support the Golf and Dominoes Tournament.
The tenth edition of the Une-T 2021 Por mejores mexicanos Golf and Dominoes Tournament, held by the Fundación Grupo Bafar has come to a close. The proceeds from the event will go towards strengthening the social projects run by the institution, which include the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools. Over 300 participants, including the Real Madrid Foundation's deputy director general, Iker Casillas, were involved in the sports tournament held at the facilities of Club Campestre de Chihuahua, played in a spirit of healthy competition with a focus on enjoying a pleasant day and a feeling of togetherness in a relaxed environment playing golf and dominoes.

The Real Madrid Foundation's alliance with the Fundación Grupo Bafar helps them run some 25 social sports schools - both football and basketball in Chihuahua - exclusively football in Michoacán and Yucatán. The 3,400 beneficiaries of the program are at risk as a result of violence and poor dietary habits. As a result, the social sports schools are the ideal tool to give participants the chance to make the most of their free time in productive fashion. Furthermore, as part of their wholesome education, they also receive periodic medical check-ups, academic support and regular nutritional assistance in order to fight malnourishment.