La Fundación Real Madrid formando a los técnicos de escuelas americanas

Online training for coaches in schools in Mexico and Peru

NEWS | 10/11/2020

The educators took part in the Real Madrid Foundation football and basketball days virtually.
The Real Madrid Foundation held online training sessions for coaches at the social sports schools in Mexico and Peru. The coaches from the Campeche and Guaquipetec (Mexico) centres took part in the online football training days. Those in Huachipa (Peru) were given the sessions on basketball and values.
The three training sessions will enhance the experience for almost five hundred socially disadvantaged children, with football and basketball as vehicles for social intervention. In all three groups, the comprehensive methodology for developing training content based on the positive values of team sport, together with aspects of sports planning, was developed. Interactivity, collaboration and participation were key factors throughout the process.
The Campeche social sports school has been developed in collaboration with the NGO Cesal and the civil association YES (Youth Education Support) since 2017. Nearly one hundred children have the opportunity to take part in a comprehensive programme of sports activities, including academic support, educational psychology and nutrition. In Guaquipetec, the Real Madrid Foundation has been developing activities since the 2018/19 season with the Ayuda en Acción Foundation and the cooperation of the Mexican Pro-Education Board.
Throughout this time, sports have been a major source of encouragement for girls, in a community where sports culture was not widely promoted among women. Since last season, the activity has been expanded and students can also enjoy basketball.
The Warma Yachay social sports school in Huachipa, also developed in collaboration with Cesal, was inaugurated in 2011 and now has over 250 students from vulnerable situations taking part. The school supplements the comprehensive development of the students with the practice of football and basketball as a vehicle to improve learning and the way people live together. Beneficiaries also take part in school reinforcement workshops and other activities to prevent school dropouts and social exclusion, and receive snacks after each session to support their nutrition and growth.