Arbeloa abrió las IV Jornadas de Formación de entrenadores de fútbol nacionales de la Fundación Real Madrid

Over 1,000 coaches have taken part in Foundation's projects this season

NEWS | 20/08/2020

During the course of the year, more than 2,500 hours of specialist training has been provided across the world.
The Real Madrid Foundation provides tailored training for the coaches/teachers involved in the institution's projects across the globe every season through a permanent, in-person and online training programme that is updated every year. During the 2019/20 season, 861 training courses of various kinds were laid on for 250 Spanish coaches and 821 international projects were organised. Since March, adjustments were made in record-breaking time to allow the organisation to continue to cater for the needs of the coaches around the globe by offering an online presence.

On an international level, of particular note is the participation of 388 coaches in in-person training courses, amongst which there were 79 female participants. In the case of Spain, this figures rises to 578 in-person participants, including 90 women who took part in the courses, workshops and sessions, as well as the second  Learning from the Best congress

The number of online training courses rose sharply during the period of confinement. Over 4,000 participants took part in these Real Madrid Foundation activities throughout the 2019/20 campaign, including coaches involved in domestic projects and the online training courses. In addition, 34 in-person, international training courses were organised before the pandemic and 179 online courses were staged. Meanwhile, the club's training department led the La galaxia de los valores (Galaxy of values) and Jugando en casa, jugando en familia (Playing at home, playing with the family) programmes that saw the Foundation's methodology and the positive values of sport applied in an effort to alleviate the impact of the confinement and meet the needs of all participants.

The success of the Foundation's Por una educación REAL: Valores y deporte  (For a REAL education: values and sport) educational methodology lies in the fact that it combines the technical and tactical knowledge with the organisation's teaching, the staging of training sessions and the assessment of progress. In addition, the methodology is adapted to each spot and group and features specific handbooks such as Entrenando fútbol, enseñando valores (Coaching football, teaching values), Iniciación al Valorcesto (An Introduction to Valuesketball) and Fútbol y Valorcesto inclusivos  (Inclusive Football and Valuesketball).