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UEFA, ECA, European Leagues and FIFPro in favour of completing competitions

NEWS | 17/03/2020

The men's and women's Champions League finals and the Europa League showpiece, all scheduled for May, have been postponed.
UEFA has announced that the men's and women's Champions League finals and the Europa League showpiece, all scheduled to have been played in May, have been postponed on account of the health crisis caused by coronavirus. No decision has yet been made on rearranged dates, but a working group, made up of representatives from UEFA, the leagues and the clubs, has already begun its examination of the calendar and will analyse the options available.

On 17 March, and following on from the conference call to respond to the current health crisis, UEFA, the European Club Association (ECA), European Leagues and FIFPro Europe (European Players' Union) devised a contingency plan regarding the 2019/20 sporting season. In relation to the club competitions, the following three principles were established:
-A commitment to complete all domestic and European club competitions by the end of the current sporting season, i.e. 30 June 2020 at the latest, should the situation improve and resuming playing be appropriate and prudent enough.
-Possible limitations or drops of current exclusive calendar slots, potentially resulting in the scheduling of domestic league matches in mid-week and scheduling of UEFA club competitions matches on weekends.
-Possible adaptations of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds in case of late completion of the 2019/20 sporting season, i.e. after 30 June 2020.
In addition, the resolution states that a working group composed of representatives from UEFA, leagues and clubs will be immediately established to examine relevant calendar matters and devise solutions allowing for the resumption and/or conclusion of the current season in a coherent manner.