Real Madrid - Unicaja

Laso: "The advantage from the beginning was key"

NEWS | 10/11/2019

"We did a good job throughout the game", said Laprovittola.
Pablo Laso and Nicolas Laprovittola analysed of Real Madrid’s victory against Unicaja in the eighth match of the league season (82-71). The coach was satisfied with the work by his team: "We worked well and I'm happy with the win against a team that has shown it is dangerous and very aggressive. But we were able to win every quarter and maintain the advantage from the start that was key.
"Our first half was quite well done. In attack we didn’t make many errors and open shots. Our defence was good but we suffered in the offensive rebound. We were 18 points ahead and from then on it seemed like we let our guard down. We haven't had much continuity in the game but it's true that it was a complicated week after the previous one, we had 5 games in 10 days, and in Belgrade, as today, we lacked some spark".
Winning streak
"We've been together for 53 days and we've played 17 games. Regardless of the victories and defeats, you have to understand this fixture list. I do see improvement in many areas that used to be more difficult for us. I don't give so much importance to the run, but more on what we need to improve. We're undefeated in the league and it's good news, but my obsession is that the team is getting better and better".
"To me, they are all important. We have a big squad and a long competition and everyone has to be prepared. Deck played less in Belgrade and today has been more important in the match. The strength of the team is to know that everyone is ready to contribute offensively and defensively".

The strength of the team is knowing that everyone is ready to contribute.

"Tavares is better and I'm happy with his game. For Tavares to look good, it's important that the rest of the team do things right. I don't evaluate so much a player that has a good match but the fact he is good and positive for the team. In that sense, Tavares is growing and so is the team".
Rudy's blow
"It was a blow and he was scared. It's normal. But it's nothing more than a blow. We decided not to use him after that blow because it would be risky. Let's see how he evolves".
"To be leader in the Euroleague in round 7 or in the league in round 8 says very little, but Thursday's match is another game. We know that it will surely be a difficult match and we have to prepare both physically and mentally. It's just another Euroleague match and it doesn't change much how we prepare for it. We have already played against them in the Super Cup. We know them but this year they have made important reinforcements".
Laprovittola: "The important thing is to feel confident".
"We did a good job throughout the game, having an advantage of up to 18 points. It's good to maintain this level, to keep winning and for everyone to be involved. The important thing is to work hard, to feel confident. The moments will come and we have to be ready for the team to win and pick up victories".


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