Entrenamiento de niños de la Fundación

Beneficiaries of Foundation's school in Australia visit Madrid

NEWS | 08/10/2019

Some 20 children from Wellington enjoyed a trip to Real Madrid City.
The Real Madrid Foundation welcomed a large group of children from the Foundation's football socio-sporting school in Wellington, New South Wales (Australia). The project is run with local social partner Wellington High School and its main aims are to promote healthy lifestyle habits, encourage sporting activities in a safe environment and to foster social skills that contribute to the youngsters' overall development.
After taking in Real Madrid's win over Granada, the children got the chance to train at Real Madrid City in sessions laid on by Foundation coaches, whilst the visitors also enjoyed a special visit of the Tour Bernabéu. During the course of this week, the group will put their technical-tactical skills and knowledge of values to the test in matches against various pupils from the Foundation's schools across Madrid. In addition, the visitors will get to enjoy some fun educational activities in Madrid and surrounding areas, including a cultural visit to the Reina Sofía Museum and tourist trips to Toledo and Segovia.
Outreach activities in Australia
The Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting school in Wellington caters for 50 children, of whom 15% are indigenous Australians. The project was launched in the 2015/16 season and since its inception has had a highly positive impact in terms of the girls' participation in sporting activities, with football establishing itself as a favourite along with other team sports like rugby. For the participants, sport is a key tool in the assimilation of values and promoting a commitment to their own academic learning journey and improving their performance at school.