Jordan Mickey, nuevo jugador del Real Madrid de Baloncesto

Mickey: "Being at Real Madrid is a dream come true"

INTERVIEW | 16/07/2019

"I hope to bring energy and consistent performances to the team", commented the Whites' new recruit.

Jordan Mickey sat down with Realmadrid TV for his first interview as a Whites' player, during which the madridista center spoke of his great joy at having signed for the reigning league champions: "It's increible. Real Madrid is one of the top teams in the EuroLeague. It's an honour to be here, it's a dream come true".

  1. What can you tell us about Jordan Mickey the player?

    I think that I'm a player who's capable of doing a bit of everything: dribbling, shooting, playing in the paint. It makes me proud to do a bit of everything out on court.

  2. After having watched Real Madrid play, what will you bring to the side?

    What I'll bring is energy and consistent performances.

  3. Athletic, versatile, a rebounder and a blocker. Can we go as far as saying that you were born to play under Laso?

    I'm really raring to go. I watched them last season and just can't wait

  4. Despite your youth, you've got experience of having played in the NBA, the EuroLeague and the VTB. What does this big step of moving to Real Madrid mean to you?

    I'm really delighted. I want to improve and become the best possible player I can.

  5. In your first year at Louisiana University you made over 100 blocks, with Shaquille O’Neal the only other player to achieve this feat. How did you manage to make so many blocks?

    The intimidation factor is important when blocking shots. You block a shot once and your opponent doesn't want to set foot in the zone again. That's what I always try to do.

  6. What would you particularly like to win at Real Madrid?

    Trophies. That's what we play basketball for, to win silverware.

  7. Finally, we'd like you to send a message to all of the madridistas.

    I'm really pleased to be here. I hope that you enjoy my baskebtall. I'm raring to get started.