Viktoria Plzen - Real Madrid

Solari: “The players showed their talent and there were some sensational goals"

NEWS | 07/11/2018 | Javier García (Plzen)

“Champions League games don't end 0-5 without some serious character being shown”, he added.
Solari spoke to the press at the Doosan Arena after Real Madrid beat Viktoria Plzen: “We were driven from start to finish. The players showed goal scoring abilities. There were some sensational goals out there. Champions League games don't end 0-5 without some serious character being shown. I am thrilled with that game, but it is all down to the players”

“There are some real stars in this team, who can play however they like. They showed before that there are no limits and playing with drive and commitment, despite the tough games, we can score goals. HToday's goals were a joy to behold”.

Praise for Keylor Navas
Keylor is a class act. I made a decision. Keylor has my full admiration as a player and as a person. He is importante to the squad, even when he is not playing. He is really well loved and continues to prove vital, even when he is not playing”.

We were driven from start to finish.

"The players are very well equipped and that's to their credit. It's a long old season and you go through different phases. We now face another very difficult game on Sunday and we'll have to approach it with the same disciplined attitude".

Do you feel as if you'll be in charge until the end of the season?
"The only thing I can do is focus on our next game and that's fine with me. I can only see as far as the next link in the chain. Football is all about the here and now and the most important thing is your next game. We've come through this one with flying colours and we now have to think about our next match and focus all of our efforts and energy on it".

Is the crisis over?
"You don't know Real Madrid. We live in a permanent state of crisis, even when we win the Champions League".

Odriozola and Reguilón
"They're two very young players. Two years ago, they come up against each other in Segunda B whilst playing for Real Sociedad B and Castilla. They're now here and putting in assured displays and that's important for the team. It's also significant that Javi Sánchez, who has played for all of the club's age groups and is a role model in the academy, made his European debut".