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Real Madrid - Legia Varsovia

Zidane: “I'm pleased with the attacking display, we created a lot of chances”

NEWS | 18/10/2016 | Javier García

“We made the decision to play higher up, taking a few risks in defence”, added the coach.
Pleased with the victory over Legia Warszawa, Zinedine Zidane discussed his team's performance in the post-match press conference: “We created a lot of goal-scoring opportunities and we got five goals. I'm happy with the attacking performance. Taking this approach, we are a bit more at risk at the back but it was the plan we chose. Sometimes decisions have to be made and Sunday will be a different game”.
“We can always improve. We took a few risks but the positive thing is that going forward we created a lot of chances. It'll be another match on Sunday, another plan and other players. The important thing today was to win and everyone wants to see us score a lot of goals. We worked very well even if the defensive balance was slightly delicate today”.
Attacking approach
“The system depends on the players. Today we made the decision to play higher up, in a more attacking way. We took risks and that allowed them to break on the counter attack. What I'm interested in, is that we get our own game going, create opportunities and play good football”.


"They all have to win their starting places, not just with what they do in the games, but also for how they work during the week. We have a lot of games to come and they'll all get the chance to play. I'm happy with the front three and of course we can improve. What people want from Cristiano is for him to always score, but he created a lot of chances. He scored on Saturday and I hope that he scores again in four days' time. I'm happy with how all of them performed".

"You'll see on Sunday whether he plays. The other day he had a very good game and I was happy with his performance. Today James and Asensio performed well and that's all there is to it".

Criticism after the draws
"That’s the way things go. We're here to try and give our all in every game. We give everything to win each match. When we draw three games people are allowed to criticise us and that's how it goes. It's part of your job. We have to work hard throughout the week ahead of the games and then go out and perform well".

Cristiano Ronaldo
"I didn't say anything special to him. At times, we expect an awful lot from him. We expect him to be scoring three or four goals in games like this one. We all want him to score and he more so than anyone. Despite not scoring, he generated chances. What I'm interested in is that he laid on goals and provided assists. I really like it when he lays on goals for others. It's true that we'll always be looking for more from him because he's Cristiano and he's aware of that".