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Lucas Vázquez: "It's a pleasure to work with Zidane"


NEWS | 25/05/2016

"We know that if we're on our game, then we're capable of competing well”, he stated during an interview with Roberto Carlos organised by Mahou.
Lucas Vázquez took his place alongside Roberto Carlos at a Cinco Estrellas Mahou (Mahou Five Stars) event in which the pair looked forward to the Champions League final. "Atlético are very tough opposition, they're very strong defensively and are very good at capitalising on the opposition's mistakes. We know that if we're on our game then we're capable of competing well with them. We want to win it and that's been reflected in our preparations in which we've shown plenty of joy and excitement. We just want the game to get started now", declared the Whites' forward.

"It's a source of pride and an honour to be representing the academy in a Champions League final. This is the top club competition and you've just got to reproduce the form you've shown during the rest of the year. The less you dwell on the important of the game, the less pressure you're putting yourself under".

Praise for Zidane
"It's a pleasure to work with Zidane. You watched him play since you were a kid and now you've got a coach who was a top player and a Ballon d'Or winner, it's incredible. He's a modern coach because his philosophy is all about ball work, whilst not neglecting the physical side of things, which is also necessary in football. He knows what players like and he want his players to enjoy the game just as he did, that's important". 

It's a source of pride to be representing the academy in a Champions League final. 

"From from the outset, they've treated me really well, have looked after me and helped me with everything. I'm really grateful to my teammates".

Roberto Carlos: "My advice is that you enjoy yourself"
"I thought about things an awful lot and got very little sleep. Go out there and enjoy yourself, regardless of whether you play for 10 or 90 minutes. The important thing is that when you're playing, you know exactly what you need to do for your club and your teammates. The best bit comes when it's over and your family are there to give you a congratulatory hug".

"My advice is that you enjoy yourself because there are many players in the world who want to play in this final and everyone's eyes will be on the San Siro. Prepare yourself well mentally and emotionally because you feel different when you play in a Champions League final. It's not pressure, but enjoy it and just do what you've been doing all season".