Kroos: "We need the atmosphere that our fans provide"

NEWS | 10/04/2016

“We are going to give everything, it is important to play a good game and all be united”, the German told Bwin.
Toni Kroos spoke to Bwin about Tuesday's decisive game against Wolfsburg (8:45pm, CEST). The German highlighted the importance of the fans in launching the comeback: “I'm hoping for total support. I'm certain that we will get it. We hope that playing at home will give us an advantage and for that we will need the backing of the fans, those who get behind us, who create atmosphere. I am convinced that they will be there and in fine voice. Above all, I hope we have the opportunity to qualify in this next game. We will give everything for them”.

“It will be important to get the upper hand early on. We don't want it to still be 0-0 at half time. We have to play attacking football, without doubt, but we have to play wisely. We have to keep this in mind and not lose our heads. If that does happen, they will be able to get a goal on the counter and that would not be good. It's important to have a good game on Tuesday, to all be united. We have to give everything”.

“Everyone will be important. We always want to create good football, play from midfield and create chances one way or another. Just as in Wolfsburg, specifically after the first fifteen minutes, when we started to play well and build the game up. We want to play well, create opportunities throughout the game and, obviously, score goals".

It will be important to get the upper hand early on.

“I think they have a lot of dangerous players. Wolfsburg does not revolve around one player. Julian Draxler is obviously a good player, but we've known that for a while. The important thing is that we defend as a team. It is not therefore about specific opponents. We have to be the better team, in other words, we have to show what we are made of".

The importance of not conceding a goal
“Yes of course! If we concede a goal we have to score four in order to get through, and that is not easy. After the first few chances, Wolfsburg tightened up in defence, they were very compact, and it made it harder for us to get clear chances. It is therefore important for us, despite the disadvantage, that we link up well, create plays and try not to concede a single goal”.

Confident that Keylor will not concede
“I hope he won't, all us of attacking players think the same. It is a given!”.

A goal from him
“I can't promise anything, but it would be a great moment. Obviously, it is an important game, where we definitely need goals. Who will score them, no one knows, in the end they all count. If I can score one however, it would be great”.