Real Madrid - Olympiacos

Reyes: “This is the final our fans dreamed of"

NEWS | 17/05/2015 | Edu Bueno

“We deserved it for all the work we have done", said Carroll.
Real Madrid won their ninth European basketball cup after beating Olympiacos at the Palacio. The captain Felipe Reyes talked about his feelings at the end of the game: "I am very happy. This is the final our fans dreamed of, it is excellent. I am remembering my father a lot because he is the person that has always been there and I began playing basketball thanks to him".

"We really had to battle to win this Cup and we did it in the end, here in Madrid with our family and our fans. This is a dream come true. There will be another opportunity to do it next year because this is Real Madrid and we are always going to fight for more titles".

Carroll: "We deserved it"
"We deserved to win the Euroleague for all the work that we have done. I am very happy. I had a great performance in the third quarter and helped the side".

Ayón: “This team has a lot of talent"
"This team has a lot of talent, everyone deserves it. This Euroleague tastes even better after the ones that we lost in previous years and we are all very happy".

Campazzo: “The fans and the group deserve it"
“No one knows the journey we took to get here. We came out stronger from everything and the fans and the group deserve it. It wasn't easy. There were a lot of obstacles on the way here that made us stronger".

"I am excited to see Nocioni as MVP in the final. I feel like a part of this team because the team makes me feel a part of it and it does not matter if I play or not. There have been a lot of emotions and I hope the title is the first of many to come".