Celta de Vigo - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “We are disappointed because we cannot win La Liga”

NEWS | 11/05/2014 | Diego Jabalquinto (Vigo) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios De la Rubia

“We have to look forward because we have a great chance to make a dream come true for Real Madrid”, the manager stated.
Carlo Ancelotti analysed the defeat against Celta Vigo in the second last La Liga match of the season in the Balaídos press room: “We gifted them with two goals. Then we tried to score and control the play. We have a lot of players missing, including some very important ones, so this was not an easy game to prepare for. We are disappointed because we cannot win the league. It is the first competition we have lost and we cannot be happy about it”.

“I don't think we threw the league away. It is true though that we haven't played well in the last three games. After the semi-finals our intensity dropped and we've been made to pay dearly. Now is not the time to look at what we have failed to do well. We have to look forwards, recoup our energy and our players in order to prepare well for the final”.

Evaluation of the season
“It is not my concern if the season is considered a good one or a bad one. We have a great chance to make a dream come true for Real Madrid and we'll do our best to make it happen. Only then will be look back at the season”.


“Khedira and Arbeloa played well, and didn't have any problems. They both played with good intensity for an hour and are over their injuries. I'll definitely give them runouts in the next match against Espanyol”.

Bale's fitness
“He is not 100%. He got a knock, but I decided not to risk him, especially when I could have put him on. I wanted to avoid any problems. Cristiano Ronaldo underwent treatment this morning and is almost fully recovered. We have 15 days to prepare for the match and I think they'll be completely fit for the final. I think he'll be able to play against Espanyol”.

The chat with the referee at half time
“I thought Sergio Ramos was fouled during the first goal and talked to the referee about it. But I don't want to talk about his performance. He wasn't responsible for the defeat”.

The league champion
“I don't care who it is. I think it will be a high-pressure game. I'm not interested either way. At the moment we have a different issue and that is to prepare well for the Champions League final. We have time and we'll be well prepared”.