Real Madrid share their 29th Copa del Rey with the madridistas

The squad, coaching staff and Board of Directors visited the Community of Madrid headquarters and City Hall.

Real Madrid share their 29th Copa del Rey with the madridistas
NEWS.Edu Bueno Photographer: Víctor Carretero

Real Madrid's basketball team have presented their twenty-ninth Copa del Rey trophy at Madrid's most governmental institutions after they were crowned champions in the final held in Málaga, thanks to victory over Barcelona (96-85). The squad and coaching staff, alongside Florentino Pérez and the Board of Directors, paid a visit to City Hall and the Community of Madrid's headquarters. The team left the sports centre at Real Madrid City and headed for the Real Casa de Correos, home to the Community of Madrid. President Isabel Díaz Ayuso welcomed the champions and congratulated them on clinching the title. Florentino Pérez and Sergio Llull presented her with a replica of the trophy and a team jersey. In turn, Ayuso handed over a commemorative plaque to mark the success. The captain then said a few words: “First, I'd like to excuse my teammates who couldn't be here because they have international commitment and have had to travel. I'm sure they'd love to be here but it simply wasn't possible."
“Thank you, president, for your support, none of this would be possible without it. It's a great honour to be here again to share this Copa del Rey with the Community. I'd like to congratulate my teammates, the coaching staff and everyone who works for us behind the scenes. It's a long season, we've got to keep going and we hope to be back visiting you again soon."
Florentino Pérez: “You have made history once more”
“As I always say, Real Madrid is universal. It belongs to the hearts of millions of people around the world. But we are well aware that Madrid is where we originate from and our home. This is where it all began and this was the starting point of our wonderful history that Real Madrid has written of the course of its 122 years. That's why we are so proud to be ambassadors for our community in every continent across the globe."
“Here is the 29th Copa del Rey in the history of Real Madrid's basketball team. This is our 26th trophy in the last 14 seasons, which is yet further proof of the strength of our basketball section, which continues to add to Real Madrid's legendary status year after year. And the first thing I would like to do is thank this team, the players, the coach Chus Mateo, his coaching staff and all those that make up what is a special, unique basketball team with a phenomenal competitive spirit."
Praise for the team
“You have made history with this crest and this jersey once more and you have yet again demonstrated what legendary players you are, with the Real Madrid values ever present. In Málaga, our team has shown once again that they are one big family. Players who give their heart and soul to all Real Madrid represents and compete in wonderful solidarity and commitment. Players who, despite having won so much already, continue to show the same hunger for trophies and success." 
The speeches were closed out by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who reflected: “It brings me huge joy to celebrate alongside Real Madrid another victory that adds to your unprecedented honours list. Thank you for making Madrid a more brilliant place with each passing day. Congratulations to you all: the players, coaching staff, executives and especially the fans. Real Madrid is not only one of the greatest basketball teams in the world, it's a being that becomes a giant every time you set foot on court. What you have achieved goes far beyond sport, it's a victory that strengthens the values embodies by athletes."
“I would also like to thank this great team, this club, for being such fine ambassadors for Madrid, a real magnet for tourism and employment. And when your temple opens, even more so. Your colours stretch to every corner of the planet, seducing millions who travel to see us every year to ask about you, the club, because they know this is your home." Following the speeches and team photos, the players took to the balcony to display the trophy and thank the madridistas who had turned up at the Puerta del Sol.
The entourage then made its way to the Palacio de Cibeles, home of City Hall. There they were met by mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida, with whom they exchanged gifts. Florentino Pérez and Sergio Llull handed him a replica trophy and a personalised jersey, and in return the mayor presented a little statue of the city's famous Bear and the Strawberry tree.
The mayor then opened with a short speech: "Real Madrid have brought joy to this city once more, a source of joy which we have grown used to over his more-than-100-year history, winning the Copa del Rey against Barcelona. We have grown to accept it as normal, that this basketball wins in the way they do, when in reality the way they win and the frequency with which they do so is absolutely exceptional, not to mention the values they display. I am sure you will be remembered for a very, very long time in a history as decorated and successful as Real Madrid's."
“In June 2019, when I had not long been made mayor, the first team to visit here was Real Madrid's basketball team. I had the honour of receiving the first Real Madrid jersey I'd ever had. I've had a fair few more since then. At that time, I joked with Felipe Reyes that I'd have to buy a new wardrobe for all the Real Madrid jerseys I would go on to collect in my time as mayor. You're delivering on that promise and I have had to keep extending that wardrobe year after year. Congratulations, champions."
Florentino Pérez: “My immense gratitude to our fans”
“Here is our 29th Copa del Rey. This team has done it again, they have succeeded once more thanks to their incredible commitment, sacrifices and fighting spirit. That's why today, we madridistas delighted by and thankful for this exceptional group of human beings. These players not only demonstrate their hungry for success on a continuous basis; they are an example of conduct and attitude. They are the epitome of our values and that is why madridismo is so proud of every one of them. You will have a place in the hearts of all our fans, now and forever. You are already an unforgettable team. You've won it all and you still want more for this jersey."
Praise for the team and fans
“As Real Madrid president, I must say I am extremely proud of all of you. And our fans are well aware of your place in the history of our club. Congratulations to you all; to our dear Facundo Campazzo, who was named MVP of the Copa del Rey again, having also taken the award in winning our first trophy of the season, the Spanish Super Cup. And congratulations to our captains Sergio Llull and Rudy Fernández, as representatives of a spectacular squad and group of players both on and off court. My immense gratitude to our fans for their impeccable support of the team and their unconditional passion, a fundamental element for our team."
“Real Madrid possesses a universal vocation. We are so grateful to the 550 million supporters on our social media channels. But we know full well what this crest represents for the City of Madrid and we have a huge responsibility to be one of its great ambassadors. This team is well aware of that, which is why they will give it their heart and soul to be back here as soon as possible, knowing that means absolutely commitment once again. We are the club that boasts the highest number of Copa del Rey basketball titles in Spain. From today, that will drive us on to achieve new successes and make madridismo's dreams a reality.”
Llull: “We hope we'll be back soon so the mayor has to add to his wardrobe”
“Thank you for this reception. Thank you, president, Florentino, for always being right behind us, we really feel your support. I'd like to congratulate all the players, the coaching staff and the guys who don't make it on TV but who do such a fantastic job that means all have to focus on is putting the ball in the hoop. We're delighted to be here, we hope to be back soon this season to celebrate another trophy so the mayor has to add to his wardrobe."