Chus Mateo: “I'm really happy to win the trophy and for the team”

"We reacted really well and we were able to dig deep to get back into the game and extend the gap," said the coach.
Chus Mateo spoke at the press conference after winning Real Madrid's tenth Super Cup: "We put in a very serious performance up until half-time, with the only downside being the free throws. We could have had a bigger lead than the 13 points we had if we'd taken the free throws. We didn't and we opened up the game for them. We came out of the locker room too cold. We let them in and Unicaja put up a very good fight and they weren't going to give up. We reacted very well and we knew how to dig in; that's a very good thing. There are no easy opponents in our league and we were able to get back into the game and widen the gap".
"Even though we've got very good players, it's the teams that win in the end. We knew it wasn't going to be easy and I'm very happy for everyone and with the trophy. I'm also happy for Campazzo, his MVP. He deserves it and it's also thanks to all his teammates. We're a team and the closer we are together, the further we'll go and the higher we'll reach".
Poirier and Ndiaye
"They're two very good role models who've sacrificed for the game. Tavares hasn't finished. He's a key player, but Poirier was playing well and gave us a boost when Tavares was more tired. Ndiaye replaced the pivots and did a great job. It's not a surprise. His intensity and his desire to win helped us. Some players normally shine offensively but today they did so in defence, like Llull and Rudy. They all chipped in and helped and that will take us a long way".
" He's a player who is a step ahead in many aspects in terms of his knowledge of the game. When he arrived at Real Madrid there were aspects that he wasn't familiar with because he was young. He's getting experience and he's passing it on. He's never been short of the desire to win. His hunger to win the ball back early is a bonus and helps us a lot; it makes things much easier for me".
Second Super Cup
"You have a better chance of hitting your target at the start of the season when you have better players. It's very difficult and tough to win. I don't think about individuals and I don't compare myself to anyone. It's all about continuity and building. I'm going to celebrate today and tomorrow we'll think about how to beat Zaragoza next Sunday".