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The Real Madrid Foundation's activity report for the 22/23 season

NEWS STORY. 28/08/2023

The organisation has developed 1,279 activities and projects across 95 countries involving 100,000 recipients.


The Real Madrid Foundation reviews the 22/23 season, during which it carried out 1,279 activities, programmes and social and sporting projects in the areas of education, inclusion of vulnerable groups and development cooperation. In all of these projects, sport is used in practical ways, while promoting the practice of sport and educational sport in 95 countries across five continents.
The social impact that the Foundation's work generates, especially among children, is reflected in the 98,505 people who have benefited from and participated in the schools, campuses, clinics and social sports projects which combine sports education with comprehensive care and training in values.

The Foundation's aim is to use sport to improve people's lives, whatever their background or abilities, fostering the educational values of team sport and promoting it as an instrument of social intervention. The mission is to contribute to the integral development of people and as a factor of integration, for the benefit of those who suffer from any kind of marginalisation, prioritising the inclusion of minorities, promoting respect for diversity and adapting sporting practice to the needs of people with functional or cognitive diversity.
For this reason, a special coupon was published to mark the 25th anniversary with the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE), an organisation with which different lines of collaboration are being developed.