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Sevilla - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “The team played well again and put on a solid performance"

NEWS STORY. 27/05/2023. Rodrigo Salamanca. Photographer: Helios de la Rubia

“Rodrygo has real quality, it's easier for him to find opportunities to score as a centre forward”, added the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the press room at the Sánchez-Pizjuán after Real Madrid‘s victory over Sevilla. The coach analysed the clash: “Rodrygo stood out in this game because he scored both goals. In the first 10 minutes we weren't well set up, but the team played well again and looked confident. We put on a solid performance.”
Rodrygo did well in the centre forward role and he can also play there. He has different attributes. If you can dribble through the middle you have a better chance of scoring than if you dribble out wide. Because of his quality, it's easier for him to find opportunities in this area. He doesn't have the physicality for aerial clashes, but he has significant qualities.”
Atmosphere at the Sánchez-Pizjuán
“It's difficult to find motivation in this kind of matches. We made our best effort, but now we can rest for a few days to prepare for the next game. The atmosphere in the stadium was great despite some whistling towards Ceballos. I didn't hear any insults and so we're on the right track. The fans should be congratulated. They support their team and have done that very well. They whistled at our players, but that's normal. I hope this kind of atmosphere is repeated because it's good for football.”
Rodrygo’s substitution
Rodrygo wanted to stay on the pitch to go for a hat-trick, but I told him that we had different objectives. He wanted to score, but I didn't want to concede a goal. We finished with four centre-backs and managed the game well.”
Álvaro Rodríguez
“He's a really young player and he's got talent. He's had a slump in the last period. When he's played with Castilla he hasn't always been at his best. Today we needed him and we'll bear him in mind for the future. He's young and has room for improvement.”

"Something has happened this week, the atmosphere has changed and today was a good sign. People have started to understand what to do in the stadium and what not to do. We have to continue in this vein. As far as Vinicius is concerned, he has two days to rest and we'll see if he can play the last game."
"On the subject of Asensio I don't know what the situation is, just as I don't know about Nacho. Before the last game everything will be cleared up. On a personal level I'm sad to see them go because they are very important. We'll prepare for next season depending on the decisions they make."
Fair play
"I'm not talking about Ceballos because he took a very dangerous knock. Those of us on the pitch and on the bench have a very big responsibility. Fair play is very important.
Europa League final
"I wished Mendilibar all the best for the Europa League final. I've had a conflict of interests because I was captain of Roma in the 70s. On Monday we'll be celebrating the league forty years later. I'm a bit of a Roma fan, but I want the best team to win. Mourinho is truly a great friend of mine and my heart has a closer connection with Roma than it does with Sevilla."