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Arbeloa and Roberto Carlos close White Week

NEWS STORY. 25/05/2023. Roberto Plaza. Photographer: María Ángeles Lobo

"As a coach, what I teach my players most are the values of the club," said the current Under-19 coach.

Roberto Carlos and Álvaro Arbeloa, Real Madrid legends and ambassadors, were the final guest-stars at the Real Madrid Universidad Europea University School's White Week. The former Brazilian international explained: "Real Madrid is unique, we are privileged to make history with this club. For me, playing for Real Madrid means a lot. They have given me the opportunity to learn here, to win titles. Everything I've achieved, everything I've grown as a human being. For me it's been a dream to travel all over the world representing this shirt."
"When you arrive at Real Madrid, they put the values of the club in front of you and you have to learn them as quickly as possible. That's how we've managed to forge such a beautiful history. There is a lot of talk about the fans at the Santiago Bernabéu being demanding, but that demand comes from our history. We are an expert team in not collapsing, in getting up. If you ask around the world for a team capable of turning any kind of situation around, everyone will tell you that it's Real Madrid."

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Arbeloa: "Real Madrid is a way of life".
"As a coach, beyond the sporting aspect, what I teach my players most are the values of the club. Beyond sporting success, the most important thing about Real Madrid is this, its values. The standards set by Santiago Bernabéu have been passed down from generation to generation. Real Madrid transmits hope. It's more than a club, it's a feeling, it's a way of life. Real Madrid is universal, there is no other club like it. It is unique."

"Above talent, there must be work. To play for Real Madrid, it's not enough to be talented, you have to work hard. There is a very long and hard road to travel. This is what I try to instil in my players. That's my real job, beyond making them improve on the pitch. To be able to transmit what it takes to succeed at Real Madrid."

FIFA and football against racism
FIFA Assistant General Secretary for Football, Mattias Grafström, was another of the main figures on the fourth day of White Week: "Real Madrid is the only club that was involved in the founding of FIFA, so the link between the two institutions is very strong. The main objective of FIFA and football is to transmit values and respect for the opponent, far beyond the competition itself. This sport is universal, for everyone, regardless of gender or nationality. It is very sad what happened with Vini Jr. The football world must fight against racism. UEFA, FIFA, La Liga, the players themselves... we all have a big responsibility. We have to be strong and take the right measures against those who commit racist acts."
"The World Cup in Qatar was a fantastic event. We were all surprised, months before nobody expected it to turn out so well. In terms of organisation, security and transport, it was one of the best World Cups in recent years. The next World Cup will have the particularity that it will be in 3 different countries: Canada, Mexico and the United States. It will be very exciting, on a different continent. The United States is a growing football country, where Real Madrid has a lot of fans."
Other speakers
Michael Sutherland, Director of Digital Transformation at Real Madrid, was in charge of opening the fourth and final day of White Week. Juan Contreras, Global Marketing Director of Adidas Real Madrid, and Álvaro Vitores, Director of Sponsorship Activation at Real Madrid, focused their presentation on sports sponsorship and the union between Adidas and Real Madrid.