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Real Madrid Foundation, KCMC and Dr. Pedro Jaén Foundation team up to run a school in Tanzania

NEWS STORY. 09/03/2023

The project will help albino and xeroderma pigmentosum children to integrate and it will foster an inclusive environment where they don't have to feel like patients.

The Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) and the Real Madrid Foundation, in collaboration with the Dr. Pedro Jaén Foundation, are teaming up to run a socio-sports project in Moshi (Tanzania). This project will help integrate albino and xeroderma pigmentosum children into the football school and foster an inclusive environment that will make them feel like children and not like patients. The project will be carried out in partnership with the Tanzania Good Samaritan Foundation, through the Regional Dermatology Training Centre.
Albinism is a genetic condition which affects the production of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin, hair and eyes. This condition is primarily linked to skin cancer and other serious diseases. Xeroderma pigmentosum constitutes a rare genetic disorder characterised by high sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Individuals with xeroderma pigmentosum suffer from a defect in their DNA repair system, which can increase the risk of developing skin cancer and other disabilities.
The socio-sports school will foster social inclusion and provide opportunities for children with albinism and xeroderma pigmentosum to gain confidence and develop their skills. It will also focus on the importance of healthy habits and education. The children will be coached in sporting values and receive academic support to develop their personal and sporting skills. The programme will be run by qualified coaches and educators trained by the Real Madrid Foundation and will be adapted to the local environment to ensure maximum impact and sustainability.
KCMC CEO Gileard Masenga said: "We are delighted to be building a new sports facility for our patients (people with skin conditions) and the community. We believe that the promotion of fitness and a healthy lifestyle is key to overall wellbeing. We hope that this new facility will help to inspire more young people, especially those with skin disabilities, to engage in physical activity.”

Pedro Jaén, president of the Dr. Pedro Jaén Foundation, said: "We are thrilled to be partnering with the Real Madrid Foundation to launch this project. Football is more than just a sport, it is a powerful instrument for social and community change. By running a socio-sports school in Moshi, we aim to enable children with albinism and xeroderma pigmentosum to become part of a more inclusive society where everyone can prosper."
Iñigo Arenillas, the head of the Africa and Middle East Area of the Real Madrid Foundation, added: "We are proud to be involved in this initiative. We are also very committed to the local team and to the sustainability of the project. The Real Madrid Foundation is a long-time supporter of programmes that support children and youth empowerment around the world. We are looking forward to positively impacting Tanzania together with the Dr. Pedro Jaén Foundation and KCMC.”
The socio-sports football school will be located near the hospital and will be open to children from different communities. The Dr. Pedro Jaén Foundation and the Real Madrid Foundation have undertaken to ensure the sustainability of the project and to measure its impact on the lives of the children concerned. Additionally, Gileard Masenga said: "The sports facilities in place will be a symbol of our shared vision and devotion to improving the lives of young people, especially those with skin disabilities."