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Five wins in ten days

NEWS STORY. 16/01/2023

Real Madrid have won their last run of games by an average of 20 points.

Real Madrid are currently enjoying a great run of form, reflected in their five wins in the last 10 days against Maccabi, Gran Canaria, Estrella Roja, Alba Berlin and Coviran Granada. Those victories were secured, by an average difference of 20 points and a +30 between attack (89.6 for) and defence (69.6 against).

The schedule set Madrid a tough test at the start of 2023, with a game every two days in just over a week. From 6 to 15 January, our team played two league games and three Euroleague matches. A challenge met with a complete set of victories and a very high standard of play. We beat Maccabi at the WiZink Center by the biggest points difference of the season and our ninth biggest in the history of this competition: +33 (98-65). Chus Mateo's players put in one of their best performances: 30 assists, 18 three pointers and seven players in double digit PIR.

Video.62-82: Madrid cap off a perfect week in Granada

Two days later, Madrid equalled their best offensive record of the season against Gran Canaria by scoring 105 points, adding 30 assists and nine players with 10 or more PIR (105-95).

The team then headed into three away games. At the court of Estrella Roja, the team delivered an emphatic blow with a 20-point win (59-79). While in the first two wins it was the attack that excelled, in the next three it was the defence. They limited the Serbian side to 59 points, Alba Berlin to 77 points (77-84) and Coviran Granada to 62 points (62-82) in Madrid's fifth straight win.

Numerous leaders
strength is the collective. Four different players have led the scoring charts during this streak: Cornelie against Maccabi (24); Poirier against Gran Canaria (21), Tavares against Estrella Roja (35) and Alba Berlin (20); and Musa in Granada (25). A particularly noteworthy performance is that of the Cape Verdean centre, who has averaged 12.6 points, 8 rebounds, 3.8 blocks and 24.6 PIR in 22.6 minutes of play over the last five victories. 

-Real Madrid-Maccabi (98-65)
-Real Madrid-Gran Canaria (105-85)
-Estrella Roja-Real Madrid (59-79)
-Alba Berlin-Real Madrid (77-84)
-Coviran Granada-Real Madrid (62-82)