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Iker Casillas visitó los proyectos de la Fundación Real Madrid en Kuwait

Casillas paid a visit to the Real Madrid Foundation's projects in Kuwait

NEWS STORY. 29/11/2022

The social sports school in conjunction with the Al-Yousifi Charity Institution celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of the Annual Football Program at the American School of Kuwait.

The Real Madrid Foundation's Deputy Director General, Iker Casillas, visited the Real Madrid Foundation's Kuwait projects. First stop was the newly inaugurated venue of the Annual Football Program at the American School of Kuwait. He then went to the social sports school that has been operating since 2012 in collaboration with the Al-Yousifi Charity Institution. It was an unforgettable experience for the children and their families.
The social sports school for football and values in Kuwait has been running for 10 years in collaboration with Al-Yousifi Charity Institution. Training sessions are held three days a week at the Al-Surra sports facilities (Bayan). It is an opportunity for these children to come together from different religions to play football. Children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are offered scholarships. The children also take part in a number of social tournaments with different schools and academies in the area and are provided with an annual dental check-up.
One of the most prestigious educational institutions in Kuwait, the American United School of Kuwait, along with Avanza Sports, launched the Annual Football Program in August 2022. The programme is a aimed to promote educational sport in line with the Real Madrid Foundation's sports consultancy model.

One hundred and sixteen participants aged between 6 and 13 have taken part in the programme over the last four months. The objective is to grow further in order to become the leading programme in the country, providing the best sporting and educational content to the players. The programme is currently being carried out in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Brazil and the USA, involving 5,500 participants, helping the Foundation's social projects to be sustainable.