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Weir y Kathellen visitan el clínic de la Fundación

Caroline Weir and Kathellen Sousa welcomed participants of the Foundation and Avanza clinic.

NEWS STORY. 26/11/2022

Around fifty girls travelled all the way from the United States to take part in the experience at Real Madrid City.

A group of around fifty girls between the ages of 6 and 16, and their coaches, travelled from the United States to the Spanish capital to attend a week-long clinic run by the Real Madrid Foundation and Avanza Sports. Caroline Weir and Kathellen Sousa visited the pitches at Real Madrid City for a very special encounter with these young girls who participated in last summer's clinics in North America.
The Real Madrid first team players showed their affection and interacted with all the girls. They asked them if they were enjoying the training sessions, which positions they played in and what it was like to meet new friends in another country through a common passion, football. They posed for photos with each team and were even invited to dance with a group of them. This encounter raises awareness of women's football and serves as a source of motivation for these girls to keep playing their favourite sport.
A unique experience
For players in the United States, where women's football is extremely popular, the Real Madrid Foundation's clinics provide a high-level educational experience. They combine the values-based teaching methodology during the Foundation's sessions with the technical-tactical fundamentals of Real Madrid's youth academy. The Foundation's coaches use sport to teach them to develop healthy habits both on and off the pitch, while improving their skills and having a unique experience in their lives.