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Formaciones de fútbol y valores para entrenadores de las escuelas de la Fundación en Panamá y Brasil

Training in football and values for coaches of the Foundation's schools in Panama and Brazil

NEWS STORY. 03/11/2022

The projects are run in collaboration with the Friends of Real Madrid Foundation in Panama and Salesian Missions.

The coaches-educators of the socio-sports schools at the Real Madrid Foundation in Panama City and the municipality of Chitré; and of São Paulo, Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, attended a football and values training course on the educational methodology For a Real Education: Values and Sport. Children threatened by social exclusion can find refuge in these schools in a safe place for leisure, away from the common dangers of the area, whether criminal gangs or drug use. These projects are run thanks to the alliance with the Friends of Real Madrid Foundation in Panama and the support of the Office of the First Lady, the Panamanian Sports Institute, Salesian Missions and the Mapfre Foundation.

Both training courses were intended to acquaint the trainers-educators joining the project and to follow up on the virtual training given previously. The emphasis in the theoretical and practical sessions was placed on the integration of values within the training activities and the implementation of the comprehensive methodology. All of these were very encouraged to share ideas to continue training children, most of whom are exposed to the risk of social exclusion or come from dysfunctional families, who benefit from the educational contents on values through sport in order to apply them to their day-to-day lives.

The socio-sports schools at the Real Madrid Foundation in Panama are two consolidated projects in partnership with the Friends of Real Madrid Foundation which, since 2006 in Panama City and 2014 in Chitré, have endeavoured to create an environment of educational sport and comprehensive development with the purpose of creating a future with greater opportunities. In Brazil, three socio-sports schools are being run with the support of the Salesian Foundation: in Niteroi, the Jacarezinho favela (Rio de Janeiro) and São Paulo, the latter has been funded by the Mapfre Foundation for the last seven years. Spaces have been established outside the school hours so that children have the opportunity to spend their free time in a safe and useful way. For this purpose, as well as sports activities, the youngsters benefit from psychological care, medical check-ups, school reinforcement and nutritional workshops.