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Úbico becomes Real Madrid Foundation's new sponsor

NEWS STORY. 05/10/2022

The corporate travel agency will collaborate to support training and project supervision trips around the world.

The Real Madrid Foundation's assistant general manager, Iker Casillas, and Gabriel M. Subías, CEO of World2Meet, have unveiled a partnership between the corporate travel company Úbico, the club's travel agency since 1 July, and the Real Madrid Foundation. This agreement will support educational trips and the supervision of projects around the world.
This year, the Real Madrid Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary. Over the last decade, the Real Madrid Foundation's international expansion has been extremely important, enabling a presence in more than 100 countries with more than 320 schools and almost 500 campuses and clinics. The Foundation's social, cooperation and international inclusion activities consist of the management and coordination of research trips, institutional trips, training trips and supervisory trips. World2Meet Group's specialist corporate travel agency, Úbico, will collaborate to offer quality, added value and maximum efficiency in transfers.
Iker Casillas said: "Having allies like Úbico is wonderful because they understand our international activity from the inside and the fact that they support us shows that we are doing something right". Gabriel M. Subías added: "We're extremely proud to be able to collaborate with the Real Madrid Foundation, with whom we have common ground when it comes to educating in the values of sport, a language that knows no boundaries and recognises no differences".
The Real Madrid Foundation's educational programmes are based on the methodology For a Real Education: Values and Sport, which was developed by the Foundation's academic team and is updated every year using the accumulated experience of more than a thousand coaches-educators from projects all over the world. The methodology is broken down into the specific handbooks such as Coaching football, teaching values, Initiation to Valorcesto (Basketball values), Inclusive football and Valorcesto and, most recently published this season, Values that change lives.