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La Fundación amplía su actividad sociodeportiva en Jordania

The Foundation extends its socio-sporting activity in Jordan

NEWS STORY. 26/07/2022

Over 200 children benefit from the activities organised together with UNRWA and the Latin Patriarchate together with the support of MBRGI.

 The Real Madrid Foundation is organising around ten socio-sports programmes in Jordan, as part of the extracurricular activities in schools, to promote education in values through sport. This season, with the support of Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), the programme has been strengthened in the UNRWA refugee camps in Baqaa and Irbid. Additionally, working with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, a neutral strategic partner in a highly sensitive region, sport continues to serve as a tool for social integration to promote coexistence between pupils from Arab immigrant communities and those of different religious denominations.

This year, the coaches-educators of the socio-sports schools participated for the first time in a virtual training session. This involved the integration of values, the use of games as a fundamental method and the comprehensive methodology, according to the educational methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation, Por una educación REAL: valores y deporte (For a REAL education: values and sport).

Supplementary content
These two days were attended by sports coaches from the different schools where, in addition to learning the basics for applying values in training sessions, they focused on the use of tactical-technical elements through games, the application of these games in context and the development of complementary elements like the physical and motor skills and the rules and regulations.