Tavares: “We’re going to do everything we can to secure the EuroLeague”

NEWS STORY. 06/05/2022

“We’ve made it to the Final Four and now we have to finish the job”, said the center on Realmadrid TV.

Walter Tavares was interviewed on Realmadrid TV about the Final Four in Belgrade, which will see the team battle it out for their eleventh European Cup. The center had the following to say: “The hardest part is the whole process of reaching the Final Four. It’s a long season, but now we’re among the top four teams. We’ve done our part, which was to get here, and now we have to finish the job. Our fans demand success and want us to win and we’re going to do everything we can to secure the trophy”

“We have to prepare for the semi-finals against Barcelona in the same way we would for any other game, or for any Clásico, as if it were the last game. We have to give it everything, do the right things and everything that Laso tells us to do. We have to hit them hard from the start. This is our mentality and we’re going to go for it”.

On the Real Madrid football team’s recent exploits
“It’s inexplicable how this club has such a clear identity. You just can’t explain what Real Madrid is about. What the team does is incredible. It hasn’t just happened once, but on several occasions. It’s something that’ll be remembered forever, that’s why it’s the greatest team in the world. I enjoyed it at home, but imagine what it was like for the people in the stadium. It was magic”.