Controversial foul settles El Clásico

MATCH REPORT. 10/04/2022. Rodrigo Salamanca

Barça win the game in overtime after levelling the game from the free throw line following a questionable play involving Poirier and Sanli.

Real Madrid were beaten on their trip to the Palau Blaugrana on round 28 of the Endesa League. A controversial foul by Poirier on Sanli in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter saw Barça send the game into overtime. Laso's side face Bilbao Basket next Wednesday in the rescheduled round 19 league match. 17 points and 21 PIR for Deck, and Yabusele (17 PIR) were Madrid's standout performers.

The game got underway at the Palau with Madrid searching for Tavares in the zone. A good first four minutes for our team, but Barcelona gradually grew in confidence and, with Smits (7 points) and Exum (6), they went on a 16-2 run. Laso's team were able to close the gap down the stretch thanks to Deck (6 points) and two three-pointers from Causeur and Abalde making it 27-23.
The scoring tempo remained high in the next quarter with both teams shooting a high percentage of three-pointers. The madridistas upped the intensity on defence and started to find more comfortable shots and thanks to the scoring of Hanga, Llull and Poirier, they went ahead (33-34). Following the visitors' 6-17 run, a very evenly contested phase ensued, with the two sides constantly trading blows. Yabusele, Tavares and once again Hanga kept Madrid in the lead, but Laprovittola's three-pointer (14 points) at the buzzer made it 51-46 at the break.

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Barcelona capitalised on offensive rebounds and their high three-point shooting (60%) to extend their lead with 24 minutes on the clock (59-48). 7 point for Smits and Mirotic drove their team to an 11-2 run. Madrid did not give up and reduced the deficit through seven consecutive points from Yabusele. Both teams fought back on every play, but Laso's side reduced the home side's lead to 71-65 at the end of the third quarter.
Controversial foul
The winner at the Palau Blaugrana was to be decided in the next ten minutes. Real Madrid's grit came to the fore. With four points from Poirier and two three-pointers from Llull and Hanga, the score was 76-78 at the 34th minute. It was clear from every play that the two teams were not going to concede a single ball. With five points from Poirier and Yabusele, unstoppable on the rebound, the visitors were +3 with two minutes to go. As Real Madrid and Barcelona both added points from the free throw line, Llull pushed the score to 88-89 with less than a minute to play. On the final play, the referee ruled a controversial foul by Poirier on Sanli as he battled for a rebound and the Turk scored a free throw to make it 88-89. Llull was close last-second heroics, but the three-pointer missed and the Clásico headed to overtime.
Following a heart-stopping final quarter, the Palau was to see five minutes of overtime to determine the winner of the Barcelona-Real Madrid game. Four points from Hayes and a three-pointer from Sanli gave the home side a lift, but Deck and Tavares attempted to help Laso's team withstand the Catalan push. Ultimately, a three-pointer from Hayes and two free throws converted by Kuric settled a very tight Clásico in Barça's favour.