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Florentino Pérez: “It's the first trophy of the season and I'm very happy"

NEWS STORY. 16/01/2022. Rodrigo Salamanca. Photographer: Pedro Castillo and Helios de la Rubia (Riyadh)

We need to continue like this, with the same intensity and not lower our guard because if we do, things will change”, said the Real Madrid president.

Florentino Pérez spoke to Realmadrid TV after the Spanish Super Cup final: "I'm like every other madridista. Thrilled that we've won won our first trophy of the season and that we've started very well. Things have turned around with a new coach and new people. We're delighted".

"We always want to win everything. We were taught that from an early age. Last year was my 60th as a Real Madrid member and we were brought up like this. I'm really happy to have won the first trophy of the season".

A new start
"Winning this trophy means a lot. We made changes and are now in a new stage with a coach who knows us very well. We've also made some changes in the defence and so far the results have been very good. We're pleased and optimistic because we've taken a new direction, which we wanted to do by winning".

"What we've done so far is going well. We need to continue like this, with the same intensity and not lower our guard because if we do, things will change. I'm very pleased with what we've achieved so far this season".
The final
"It was a typical Spanish Super Cup game contested by two teams who wanted to win. I would like to congratulate Athletic as they played well".

Continuing the legacy of Santiago Bernabéu
"I come from a Real Madrid history that was established by Santiago Bernabéu and everything we do is in order to continue along the path that he showed us".

Marcelo is a great player and a Real Madrid legend. He came here at the age of 18 and has gone on to become a world class player. I'm delighted that they have given him this great ovation in this place, where people know so much about football and where there are a lot of madridistas”.

Courtois and Modric
“Not wanting to boast, but both are the best in the world in their positions. We have the best goalkeeper and Modrić is in the kind of form that makes him a contender to win the Balon d´Or again”.

Real Madrid’s global status
Madrid is a worldwide club and wherever we go there are plenty of madridistas. It's not down to me, it's because of the club's history. Football is global and we are the most supported club in the world. We are delighted because we keep on bringing satisfaction to all the fans”.

“I would like to take this opportunity to mention the way we have been treated here and by the organisation by the Federation. Everything has been magnificent, in addition to winning the trophy. I also want to say that it has been a great week for Spanish football and that it has been recognised internationally by everyone. The atmosphere throughout the week has been very football-like. We have been warmly welcomed by the Saudi fans and we have played as if we were at home here. I wouldn't mind coming back. The Saudi Arabian fans have been excellent”.

“I never talk about the referees. If they gave them I’m sure they were (penalties)”.