Más de 300 participantes en los nuevos clinics de la Fundación Real Madrid y Be Free Football en Turquía

Over 300 participants took part in latest Real Madrid Foundation and Be Free Football clinics in Turkey

NEWS STORY. 11/11/2021

The clinics were held for a fourth consecutive year in the city of Antalya with the support of
Regnum Hotels.

For a fourth successive year, coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation travelled to the Turkish city of Antalya to run a series of advanced football clinics in conjunction with Be Free Football and the developer Regnum Hotels.

Over the course of a 12-week period, the Foundation staff laid on specialist clinics for groups of children who regularly play the sport. In total, over 300 participants of various nationalities enjoyed the experience, which comprises both training in technical skills and values.
The Foundation’s high-performance and advanced clinics are endorsed by Real Madrid’s Sporting Department and also feature training in the positive values of sport, which are incorporated in all of the Foundation’s education-related activities. In this case, the clinics targeted children with previous experience of football and the sessions were adapted to the various skill levels across the teams.
Special visit
The sessions were held at the Regnum Caryade Antalya football pitches and the groups received a surprise visit from former Real Madrid player, Nuri Sahin.
Running since 2015
The clinics run in conjunction with Be Free Football in the Mediterranean countries have be staged every season since 2015 and have also been held on the Dalmatian coast, with events in Croatia and Montenegro and Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In total, over 2,000 of the region’s young players have been able to improve their technical and tactical skills and their experience in values and sport thanks to the Real Madrid Foundation.