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Real Madrid-Osasuna

Ancelotti: "My players gave it their all and we have to keep going"

NEWS STORY. 27/10/2021. Eduardo Olivera

"We didn't need more physical presence, we needed to be more incisive in getting into the box", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in an online press conference following Real Madrid's draw with Osasuna: "The penalty is a complicated issue. All I saw, was Vinicius asking the referee to take a look at VAR and he didn't get why. Then I understood why, he stamps on him and I think it's a penalty. Why VAR did not intervene I don't know. I told the referee I felt he hadn't added enough injury time given how the game had gone. I asked him for an explanation but it wasn't very convincing".

“I like what I saw from the team. Less so in the first half because we didn't switch the ball quickly enough, we played down the left-hand side too often looking for options. The second half was much better, I was pleased with the display and I can't fault the players, they gave it their all. We have to keep going".

“We didn't need more physical presence, we needed to be more incisive in getting into the box. We had three or four crosses which flew across goal and all we needed was to anticipate the move a bit better to get into the right place to score".

"That's now three games that we’ve played at home against teams which, on the balance of what we’ve done on the pitch, we deserved to win. These matches are tougher for us because of the characteristics of the squad".

Dangerous crosses
"We’ve got wingers who are really dangerous in one-on-one situations and sometimes in these games we need more presence in attack. It's just the characteristic of this team. In the second half, we used this attribute and came in from wide positions a lot. We put in some very dangerous crosses, especially from Marcelo and Benzema, which almost went in the goal".

"I've been sacked several times and I'm still here, alive and happy. Getting sacked is part of the job and you have to give it everything you've got until the day you're sacked. You have to look forward while keeping a clear conscience. He’s giving everything he has to give".