Los valores madridistas que nos dejan los Juegos Olímpicos: el respeto

The Real Madrid values that emerged from the Olympic Games: Respect

NEWS | 11/08/2021

The Real Madrid Foundation applies this value in activities that involve different groups.
The Olympic Games is a huge showcase that reflects the values of sport, values that the children taking part in the Real Madrid Foundation's projects learn from an early age and which stay with them for the rest of their lives. Respect is one of the fundamental principles of the Games and one example of the Foundation's activities where this value is applied is where groups from different walks of life take part, adapting the rules for the common enjoyment of all:

- Setting an example. The children attending wheelchair basketball schools can teach those who usually play basketball standing, some tricks that they do. This also serves to raise awareness around the need to create cities that are more accessible to all.
- Support the opinion of teammates. Every member of the team is important and one exercise where this is seen clearly is the matches with adult volunteers in prisons. Many inmates feel the need to belong and to do so in the right environment is essential for successful reintegration. The volunteers can learn about the different life circumstances that remove prejudices and understand the need for fresh opportunities.
- Be empathetic. Students from the schools experience when taking part in programmes in hospitals (when health restrictions allow it), creating a space for young people with the same interests to live together, in spite of the fact that their daily routines are very different. Having the opportunity to experience different realities close up creates a more open mind, which is essential for respecting others.

The videos on the Sport Values Academy platform provide opportunities to practice the value of respect.

The Sport Values Academy platform encourages respect through these videos:

- The value of my grandparents-respect, where grandchildren and grandparents are invited to take part in a game based on Real Madrid's history and current affairs.
- Challenge value respect: lift the ball, a video in which the basketball co-ordinators from the Foundation explain what respect consists of and set a challenge to put sports fans to the test.
- Current competition versus modified competition, Javier Madrid, director of Youth Football at Club Cartagena, presents the characteristics of the competition model of his sports schools and the key results of his study carried out after asking the players' families for their opinions on the differences between the current competition model and the modified competition model being proposed by the club.