Real Madrid - Monbus Obradoiro

Laso: "We managed to impose our defense in the second half"

NEWS | 20/10/2020

"We struggled to get going but we then took control of the game and got the win", declared Laprovittola.
Pablo Laso and Nicolás Laprovittola reflected on Real Madrid's win against Monbus Obradoiro in the teams' rearranged Round 5 league contest. The coach expressed his satisfaction at his side's performance: "I'm happy with the win because we knew it'd be a very tough game. Obradoiro had won four games and that wasn't by chance. They've got a really good team but we managed to impose our defense in the second half. I congratulate the team for the effort but we've got to quickly move on and think about our next game".

"Their percentages up until the break were extremely high. They had enjoyed success but we could do more. There was one point where we posted six or seven points and they netted another two triples, which were better defended but that's how it goes in basketball. The feeling in the second half is that we were more solid defensively and controlled the rebounds. What's more, we were able to run and we were smart in offense, where we moved the ball very well".

Laso: "I congratulate the team but we've got to move on quickly"

"Our schedule means we simply have reset things in terms of some situations during games. In the first half, we scored 40 points and were moving the ball well, but we know that to win the game, we had to defend and we were a bit short on energy at the back. We were trailing on account of their shooting success, but we managed to turn that around in the second half".

Taylor's work in defense
"Everyone knows he's a specialist in defense. We often look at other stats, but he was key in stopping Robertson's run".

Laprovittola: "It was a tough game"
"Obradoiro came here in good form after a good start to the season and with players in confident mood and that's what we saw in the first half. We struggled to get going but we then took control of the game and gained an advantage to go on and win the game".