Entrevista a Pablo Laso

Laso: "It's been a demanding pre-season so we can head into the Super Cup in the best shape possible"

NEWS | 25/08/2020

"I'm thrilled with how the players are working", added the Whites' coach.
Real Madrid's basketball team continue their preparations for the new season, set to begin on 12 September with the Super Cup semi-final clash against Iberostar Tenerife. Laso spoke to Realmadrid TV and Realmadrid.com to discuss the team's work in the last few weeks: "Each new season is a new motivation with new goals to achieve. This year, pre-season has been unusual because all the players are here, the team is working well in a different venue. We've had some really intense sessions, combining fitness work with on-court elements. We don't have to change everything but we should make the most of this time to get in shape physically. I'm thrilled with how the players are working”.
“In this kind of pre-season, when you've got all the players here and available, you have to take it one step at a time. The first weeks are more physical so we can pick up a good rhythm and they'll be the most demanding to make sure the players head into the Super Cup in the best possible condition. Juan Trapero and the whole team are doing a great job. They can't wait to get playing because ultimately that's what the players love to do". 

Tisma, Alocén and Abalde
“All three are working very well. Boris Tisma making the jump to the first team is a normal process. That feeling of a job well done by the academy means we can always count on them. He's a player who came to Madrid at a very young age and has been growing every season. Now he has this opportunity and it could be a great year for him in terms of growing as a player".

Abalde, Alocen and Tisma bring that new blood that a team needs to keep motivation high.

"Alocén and Abalde are both tried and tested players in the league, and they come from sides who have competed very well in recent seasons. Carlos is more of a point guard, a quick player who's good in the open court. He's young and electric in his movements. He'll bring us that freshness, just like Alberto, who has really grown and has the ability to play in different situations and positions. He'll give us a boost defensively and he's a physical lad. The three of them bring that new blood that a team needs to keep motivation high".
“Ever since I arrived here as coach, I've been very clear in the fact I consider the academy part of the team. In recent years, we've continued to bring through guys who can give some fresh legs to the team. Garuba is a fine example, he's established himself in the first team now. They push us to keep improving. We're very happy with the work being done by Alberto Angulo and the other coaches because they are making sure these young lads are knocking on the first team's door and that is a reflection of the club's greatness".
Luka Doncic
“I've always said he is a special player for us. He was ever since he walked through the door. His madridismo is beyond doubt and his growth as a player is very tough to stop. People doubted him when he made the jump to the first team and then when he switched to the NBA. Those of us who know him, know he's always capable of adapting because that's his greatest quality. Game's like the one on Sunday, where he nets the final basket and goes viral across the world, make it clear he's a player of star quality and I'm delighted to see he's still progressing as we all expected he would".