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Ramos: “It's in our hands and we want to win this LaLiga title"

NEWS | 05/07/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

“We have to go into the closing stretch of the league strong, happy and motivated”, stated Valverde.
Real Madrid cemented their lead at the top after beating Athletic at San Mamés (0-1). Sergio Ramos, scorer of the winning goal, reflected: "That's a hugely important three points. We knew this was one of the most important games we had left in the LaLiga run-in. You always come up against opposition who are going to make like very hard for you in Bilbao. We had 11 cup finals remaining after the lockdown and we had to take it step by step to try and take three points from each game”.
“Once again, we showed we are in great shape physically against this kind of opposition, the team was ready. Fortunately it's in our own hands and we want to win this Liga title. From the first minute, you could see the desire to take the game by the scruff of the neck but you can't win them all 3-0. This was another final”. 
“We said following lockdown, that the team who would make the difference in the league would be the one who makes the least mistakes and could keep the most clean sheets. We can say we're in great form defensively and that gives the team balance and motivates the forwards. When we're giving out praise, we should look at those who are defending as well as those who get the goals”.
“We're not going to win LaLiga thanks to the referees, and we're not going to lose it because of them either. Whoever has made mistakes and not got the results they wanted, I think they need to look at themselves and blame the players. We shouldn't be congratulating the referees for Real Madrid being top”.

Mental strength from the spot
“All I'm thinking about when I take a penalty is the three points. I feel comfortable in those moments of uncertainty and tension. I think I'm the right guy to take on the responsibility and the results speak for themselves. I'll continue to do it time and again, and if it helps the team win, all the better”.

Ramos: "I feel comfortable in those moments of uncertainty and tension".

"In the end, individual statistics are secondary, but they are important. It doesn't matter who scores the goals, the main thing is to try and win the league, and it's also important to pick up three points at a time and stay on top of the table. The individual awards are pleasing, but I would have become a tennis player if I had wanted to win individual awards".
Controversial incident
"It's true that I step on Raul's boot, but he was behind me and I didn't see him. It's not a crucial point, the ball isn't in a scoring position and I don't think there's much more to say about it".
Valverde: "Strong, happy and motivated"
"We knew it was going to be a very difficult game. They're a team who fight for every ball as if it were their last, but when you get the win it's very satisfying. In the first half we didn't know how to counter what they were doing, which was winning the second balls. We had to correct that, and we did so during the second half. The coach told us to correct it and to play higher up the pitch".
"We have to go into the final stages of the league strong, happy and motivated. With the support of our fans, who can't watch us in the stadiums. But their messages give us a lot of motivation and we have to thank them for their support. This title, if we can win it, will be for them".
The midfielders' work
"We midfielders try to help the defenders and do our bit. Personally, I'm very happy, not really with the ball, but with the work I've done".