Semana Blanca UEM. Raúl González y Roberto Carlos

Raúl and Roberto Carlos close out the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca (White Week)

NEWS | 21/05/2020

“As a coach I have the chance to teach what Real Madrid means and instil the values I was given when I arrived", explained the Castilla coach.
Raúl and Roberto Carlos were the final stars of the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca (White Week). In a digital meeting led by Emilio Butragueño, the two madridista legends answered questions from the master's students. Raúl discussed his current role as academy coach: “I have the chance to be a coach, to teach what Real Madrid means and instil the values I was given when I arrived. The DNA is winning, playing well and forming good people; that's the work we do in the academy”.

“The final when we won La Séptima was beautiful because we hadn't won the European Cup for 32 years. We were a new team and despite the fact it had been an inconsistent season, our mindset was different somehow when we played the Champions League. Juventus was a hugely competitive team with great players. We were up against it, but there was an element of magic to what we were doing in this competition. In the days building up to it, the team was very focused and confident we could achieve it. It was a historic feat and I remember how we were welcomed back in Madrid. We won three European Cups, but that one was special”.

His goal in La Novena
“The day before Glasgow, Iván Campo kicked me and on the day of the game I could barely get my boot on. I told the doctor to do whatever he had to so I could play. These things happen. One hour before the warm-up the doctor gave me an injection in my toe so I couldn't feel it, that's why my shot was so scuffed. I scored with a numb foot. It's a good anecdote”.

Roberto Carlos: “With La Séptima, we were only thinking about making history”.

“Picking a single moment is tough. There's the day you make your debut, that's been a dream since you were a kid. Another, in terms of what it meant for the club, was La Séptima. On a personal level, the Intercontinental Cup against Vasco de Gama, as it was a long time since we'd won it. I got the goal and it was also a big step forward in my career on an international level”. 

Roberto Carlos: “I'm proud to be part of Real Madrid”
“It's a beautiful thing when you're preparing to go on a trip and you can talk about Real Madrid's history, its DNA. I'm thrilled to be travelling the world and telling people about the club, and I'm part of that history. It's about explaining to the fans why Real Madrid is the best club in the world. I'm proud to be part of this club and its history”.

22nd anniversary of La Séptima
“We weren't playing well in LaLiga, but we were focused on getting as far as possible in the Champions League. We had a great dressing room, with a great atmosphere, it was a team of friends. We knew Juventus were favourites, but not when the ball started rolling. We were excited, motivated and surrounded by family. We were a tight group. It was a very special final for us and we weren't thinking about how long it'd been since Real Madrid had won it. We were thinking about making history. I was lucky enough to be involved in the goal. The key thing was the atmosphere inside the group, it was fantastic”.

His best moments at Real Madrid
“The first training session. When I arrived in the dressing room and I saw all the players around, and I said: "What am I doing here with these world-beaters?" Then there's La Séptima against Juventus and also my first goal in El Clásico. Those are three moments I will never forget”.

Final day
As well as Raúl and Roberto Carlos, the fourth and final day of the week saw the participation of Francisco Panadero, Director of Infrastructures and Cultural Development at Real Madrid; Julio González Ronco, managing director of the Real Madrid Foundation; José Manuel Díaz, head of training at the Real Madrid academy; and Rafa Nadal's former coach and director of his Academy, Toni Nadal.