Semana Blanca UEM. Conchita Martínez

Conchita Martínez, on the third day of the White Week of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca

NEWS | 20/05/2020

"Passion is very important; if you have it in what you do, everything is much easier", commented the Wimbledon 1994 winner.
Conchita Martínez participated in the third day of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca. In a digital meeting mediated by Emilio Butragueño, the 1994 Wimbledon winner and current coach of Garbiñe Muguruza explained her career in elite sport: "You have to have humility, work, discipline, effort, sacrifice and above all passion, which is very important. With passion in what you do, everything is much easier. Since I picked up my first racket, it was love at first sight and I didn't let go".

"At Wimbledon 1994 I tried not to change many things and continue with the routines of schedules and food that led me to my first Grand Slam final. I had played against Navratilova in Rome and I won, even though it was on clay. That gave me extra confidence, apart from the fact that I was playing very well in the tournament. I went out on the court quietly, but with that point of aggression that allowed me to win that final. I felt an immense joy. The most a tennis player can hope for".

Real Madrid
"I'm a very big Real Madrid fan. My whole family is. I was born in Monzon, but from 4 to 8 years I was living in Madrid. The whole family watched the matches and they instilled it in me. I've always had a very nice bond with Real Madrid and when I can I escape to watch football at the Bernabéu".

I've always had a beautiful bond with Real Madrid.

"As a commentator you try to explain in a simple way what the player is seeing or may be feeling. As a captain you're in the chair trying to help but you're not as a coach either because every player has his own coach; and as a coach, which is the role I prefer and gives me the most adrenaline, you control how you should coach a player to give their best.

Differences in pressure as a coach and a player
"It's totally different. As a player it's all up to you, you're in control and you make the decisions. As a coach you have to control what happens before the game and prepare your player as professionally as possible so that they see you as calm and confident. You have to convey confidence and when you go out on the court you have to do your job.
Other key participants
Prior to Conchita Martínez, the third day of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea's Semana Blanca was attended by José López Chicharro, Professor of Exercise Physiology and member of the Real Madrid Medical Services, and Chus Bueno, Vice President of the NBA Europe, Africa and Middle East.