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La Fundación continúa atendiendo a sus beneficiarios con actividades telemáticas

Foundation continues to cater for users through online activities

NEWS | 23/03/2020

The organisation has rolled out several programmes for this period of quarantine.
The Real Madrid Foundation has designed a series of exercise, activity and work programmes for both its adult participants (adults programme, prison scheme and Emprendeporte) and all of its beneficiaries and the pupils from its socio-sporting schools, campuses and clinics. 
The Foundation's Training Department has produced this material, which caters for different levels and features fun, educational activities. The first of these was a training course to improve our psychological well-being: Eight psychological tips to cope with quarantine.

The recommendations include washing hands frequently, the use of gloves and respecting the safety distance.

The quarantine that we're currently experiencing can have a psychological impact that affects our mental health. Throughout the duration of this period, it's perfectly normal to experience various unpleasant feelings, such as anxiety, stress, fear and sadness.
The advice seeks for us to try and work on accepting the situation or, in other words, recognising that there are aspects of our reality that we can't change. It's also important to concern ourselves with the things we can control, such as, for example, washing our hands regularly, only leaving our homes for strictly essential reasons, using gloves and respecting the safety distance. It's also important to find time for physical activity, which will keep us active and helps to make us feel better on account of the endorphins it produces.