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Betis - Real Madrid

Casemiro: "To win LaLiga we have to play well in every game"

NEWS | 08/03/2020 | Javier Vázquez (Sevilla) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

" We've dropped important points, but we're confident we can fight until the end", added Varane.
After the match against Betis, Casemiro and Varane answered questions from the media. The Brazilian said: "They were superior and played better, there is no excuse, football is simple. In LaLiga every game is difficult. To win LaLiga we have to play well in every game and today we didn't play well".
"We have to keep working hard, we have not been up to the task and we have not played like we did against Barcelona. We are human too, but it could cost us the league title. We have to look at Eibar now".
Varane: "We lacked a lot of intensity"
"We lacked a lot of intensity, especially in the first half. We didn't play at the pace we wanted to and we let the opponents have the ball. We're dropping important points, but we're confident we can fight until the end. We're trying very hard to get back to the top of the league and today was a drop in quality from everyone. We still have a lot of games left to play and we're confident we're going to get that intensity back".

The team’s efforts
“We’ve been fighting hard for months now and today we saw a drop-off in intensity but we’ll keep working. We know we can play a lot better and we’re going to rediscover that spark we lacked today. I believe in my teammates and our quality, I’m sure we’ll improve. It’s a tough blow because we really put the effort in. We know it’s hard at these grounds, but we’ll keep playing as we know how. We struggled with playing the ball out today and pressing high up but they’re things we know we can do and we’ll recover in no time”.
“He’s in good shape, he helped us a lot in the build-up. It’s difficult to score in every game, but we trust him. He’s playing at a high level and he helps the team. Karim is doing a great job”.