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Presentación de Reinier como jugador del Real Madrid

Reinier: "I'll put my life and soul into playing for Real Madrid"

NEWS | 18/02/2020

"This is the greatest club in the world and to play here is a dream come true", he commented.
After being unveiled in the presidential box  and setting foot on the pitch as a Real Madrid player, Reinier addressed the press gathered inside the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu. Emilio Butragueño, the club's director of institutional relations, was on hand to welcome him and he told the new signing: "Dear Reinier, today you begin a new chapter in your life. Playing for Real Madrid is one of the biggest challenges that a professional footballer can face and we'll be doing our all to make sure that everyone, both you and your family, is very happy here. We're certain that you will enjoy a lot of success with us".

Reinier then had the following to say: "I feel as if this is a dream come true for me. Playing for Real Madrid was the dream that my dad, my mother and all of the family had. I'm really happy and all of the players are my heroes. Being at Real Madrid makes them the best and I'm happy to have been given this opportunity. I'm raring to get playing". 
Vinicius Jr. & Rodrygo
"They're really great players. Yesterday I was at Vinicius Jr.'s house, he's a friend of mine from our time at Flamengo and I'm really pleased with how he's welcomed me in. MilitãoCasemiro and Rodrygo will be a big help. I'm ready to play for Madrid. I'm pleased with the welcome I've been given by the players and friends".

"Madrid is the biggest club in the world and there's lots of pressure, but this is a dream come true and I'll be going all out to achieve my dream. Real Madrid represents excellence, I can't put it into words. I'm really pleased to have been given this opportunity and am grategul to everyone".

"I've already had one training session and got to meet some great people, like Raúl. The fact that they've played so many games for Real Madrid makes them my idols. I've only been here a short time, but I'm sure that we'll be fine tomorrow. I'm now ready for Sunday. Raúl has welcomed me in and I'm really happy with the conversation we had. He wished me luck and I'll be giving my all. As we say in my country, I'll give my life for my club".

Moment when received the news
"It was a moment of incredible happiness when I received the news. When my dad called me, I was at the Club World Cup and I didn't know what to do. I can't put into words how I felt, I didn't know if I should dash out and I started to cry. I was with my roommate when I got the news and, at that stage, you don't really realise what Real Madrid is all about. It's colossal. This has always been my team and I'll always give my all".

Real Madrid represents excellence, I can't put it into words.

"Flamengo are a really good team with some great players, who have come to Europe and made history. I'm grateful to the club and the coach who helped and gave me advice to improve my game".

Videos of Zidane
"He was a great player. A hero at Real Madrid and I'm obviously going to have some great players to look up to as examples. I try to learn from those players and take advantage of that on the pitch. I'm sure that he's a great character. I'm a Real Madrid player. I haven't spoken to Zidane as yet and I'm at the club's disposal. I'll be doing all that I can".

How would you describe your playing style?
"Kaká is my hero, he's Brazilian and I've always watched him. I like to get into the box and score. I like playing one-twos. I'm really grateful to Kaká because I've been able to share time with him, he told he a series of things and he was a great player who's played for Real Madrid. There's no doubt that there are many things for me to improve on. I'm comfortable in attack and I play in every position. On the inside is where I played in Brazil and where I'll play wherever I am".

"Everything I experienced in my childhood went through my mind. It was tough, I moved to Rio at the age of nine with my mum and my sisters. When I speak about my family, I always get emotional because I'm certain that this is all down to them. My familia, who are in Brasilia, are here with me, as is my grandma. I owe this to them".

"I watched Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at Madrid, I was very young and my dad showed me vidos. I was very young but I was fascinated by them. That helped me to try and get to where I wanted to".

His dad
"My dad is my biggest hero. He deserves to be here, experiencing this with me. It was our dream, above all, mine. Real Madrid is something else. Kaká wished me lots of luck, he knew that I was working for it every day and I'm really grateful to him because he was a hero of mine. I gave him a match shirt as a gift and for one of my childhood heroes to be by my side was really exciting".