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Meet the Madridistas who enjoyed the VIP experience at the Bernabéu!

NEWS | 23/01/2020

The winners of the draw went to the Real Madrid - Sevilla game at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Here are the lucky club Madridistas who won pairs of football Hospitality tickets in the December monthly draw. The Whites' fans, along with their companions, witnessed the Real Madrid - Sevilla (2-1) game from a unique setting, as they received the very best care and attention within the most exclusive area of the stadium.

Find out the name of the draw winner!  
Name and Surname

Patricia Maldonado Suarez (Madrid)

Borja Niño Rodríguez (Burgos)

Pablo Vicente García (Madrid)

Ismael Galledo Del Peso (Valencia)

Ignacio Sánchez-Molini López (Madrid)

Alvaro Valentín Criado (Madrid)


And remember, just by being a club member or Madridista Card Holder you will automatically be entered into the monthly draw for football and basketball Hospitality tickets, free of charge. If you are not yet a Madridista Card Holder, you can apply for your card by clicking here or Madridista Line on +34 91 347 24 00.

If you would like to purchase Hospitality tickets, prices start at €250, depending on the game and the competition. For more information about Real Madrid Hospitality tickets, click here