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Solari: "The players tried their best and didn't surrender"

NEWS | 02/03/2019 | Javier García

"It was an even and hard-fought affair right across the pitch, but we failed to put our chances away", commented Solari.
Santiago Solari gave his thoughts on el Clásico in LaLiga at the Santiago Bernabéu: "We tried our best and didn't surrender. It was a hard-fought, serious and intense game from both sides. If you don't score you can't win. We played good football and answered a lot of questions, we just couldn't finish it off".

"We want to keep plugging away, righting those wrongs. The players did what they were asked and stood united. It was fairly balanced but the difference was that they scored. We needed to bury those chances we got. We tried in every possible way and played as a team, but we couldn't snatch a goal”.

Opciones in LaLiga
"There is a big distance between the two teams but we won't give up, we're committed: we have to fight until the last, just like we did today. League titles are won on the final day of the season, it doesn't matter what the deficit is, you have to play every game”.

"He has done great things for this club, but the fans are entitled to express themselves. He tried his best, just like every else. Football is a team sport, what we did well today was to press as a team, defender well, counter attack... We couldn't kill it off, just like the other day, we couldn't get the win”.

We can’t let our teamwork, solidity and commitment slip.

“Goals comes in patches. There are times when things go for you and everything ends up in the back of the net, but that wasn’t the case tonight. The opposition defended well and we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure that, in the future, we put away the chances that we didn’t tonight. We had 20 shots tonight, we tried by every possible means. We’ll keep plugging away. We can’t let our teamwork, solidity and commitment slip”.
Did the previous Clásico have an impact?
“No, every game is completely different. It affected things tactically because a coach tries to change things. They applied a higher press but we managed to cope with that. The game was a very hard-fought contest all over the field”.
“He tried, just like the rest of his teammates, and he did his best. Then Valverde, who is very young and someone we hope will have a great future - the same goes for Vinicius, Reguilón, Odriozola - came on for him. They’re young players and are the future of this club”.
“The fans always voice their opinions with respect and they come here to enjoy the football and are keen to see us win. We’ll try and give them a win to celebrate in our next game”