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Solari: "We’re on the right track and we'll put up a fight”

NEWS | 31/01/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Gerona)

“Benzema is incredibly talented and generous in his efforts and he's enjoying a fine run of form", added the coach.
Solari was pleased with Real Madrid’s win at Montilivi to secure their place in the Copa del Rey semi-finals. The coach spoke about the match in the press room: "The players deserve all the credit, they put in a solid performance, were focused, stuck to the task, fought hard, they played with class and used their talents for the good of the team. We won the first leg and second legs against a very good team that are also very strong at home. We put in a very solid performance today, as we have done over the whole tie".
"We’re still involved in three competitions and we’re doing what we have to do in every game. The next game is another battle and we must put the same in as in the previous one. We have to prepare again to go out from the beginning and control things with all the players involved".
Cup semi-finals
"There are three great teams left in the tournament who we could come up against and the two semi-finals are going to be very nice and difficult matches. We’ll go in to them showing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. When you aspire to win every title you must be prepared to win on all fronts. We’re on the right track and  we'll put up a fight".


“We’re going to give all that we’ve got on every front and the players are well aware of that, even more so than I am. That’s the trademark here and the competitive spirit of Real Madrid”. 

"It’s the same Karim as we’ve been seeing for years. I feel sorry for people who have only noticed him since last week. He’s incredibly talented and generous in his efforts for the team. He’s on a fine run of form and we’re all delighted with his goals”.
“The players who have been out with injury need time to get back up to the pace of things. We’re nearly all back now, eleven start the game and there are only three subs. I wish I could make more changes because everyone is hungry to play”.
Change in the team since Sevilla
“That’s more spin you’re putting on it. We put in some good performances prior to the Sevilla game. Real Madrid never give in”.