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Betis - Real Madrid

Ceballos: "These are three golden points"

NEWS | 13/01/2019 | Bárbara Jiménez

"It was a hard game and it gives a lot of strength for what's coming up", said Casemiro.
Dani Ceballos was the scorer of Real Madrid’s winning goal at the Benito Villamarín. At the end of the match, the Sevillia-born midfielder said: "The feelings are good, they’re three hard-earned points, we had to fight in the second half and these three points are golden".
"In the build up to the free kick I felt very confidence and I wanted to prove a point, I’d spoken with Ramos a few days before and he told me that I was going to score it. It was the winning goal for my team but unfortunate for their goalkeeper, I told Casemiro to stand on the wall, so the keeper couldn’t see it, I found the gap and put it away".
Welcome at the Villamarín
"This place has given me everything and I’ve grown as a footballer here and didn’t expect that reception, it's time to enjoy the victory, I leave with a bittersweet feeling as a result of not having the support of those who were my fans for so long".
Casemiro: "It was a game where we had to work hard"
"There are some fields where you have to work very hard and fight, it’s difficult to play here as the fans create a pressure-cooker atmosphere, they play good football and have a lot of quality, it was a hard game and it gives a lot of strength for what's coming up".

Valverde: "It was worth the sacrifice and effort from every teammate".

"The boss had a game plan. In the first half, especially the first 30 minutes, I think it went perfectly. We pressed high, controlled the game…But they are a great team and made us suffer. We were under the cosh but if you work hard you can win it".

Match analysis
"Real Madrid are strong on the counter but we need to control the game. In the first 30 minutes, we did well and kept a high line. Some teams can really trouble you. In the second half, we looked to play on the counter and it didn’t quite pan out. In the end, hard work will get you results".

Focus on the cup
"We need to take it one game at a time. We’re a long way behind Barcelona but we have to go day-by-day, and we have the midweek cup tie coming up. We need to pick up the pace, grow, stay united and feed off of the fans’ support. If we stand together, we have a great chance to win some titles this year".

Valverde: “We knew how to manage the game”
“All that sacrifice and effort from everyone was worth it. We knew it was going to be a hard game and we knew how to manage it. Betis moved the ball around well and were patient in the built up. They did well but we were able to come out on top. It was a difficult game and we had to change things around, we tried to flood the midfield to fill the spaces”.
“All the players are ready to play when we have the chance and those who get less time give their all every day so that when their time comes, they are ready”.